Achieve manufacturing excellence, optimise processes and reduce costs

Now in its 12th year, the World Drug Manufacturing Summit provides the key tools to overcome the biggest threats facing pharma manufacturers today.

The World Drug Manufacturing Summit 2013 focuses on achieving process and manufacturing excellence, process re-engineering, six sigma tools to reduce variability, with specific case studies on continuous improvement, successful QbD implementations, real time data collection, analysis, knowledge management and much more.

Key themes for 2013 include:

  • Process excellence – achieving real process flow vs. functional silo’s
  • Optimising process re-engineering vs. opex to achieve improvement
  • Responding to price pressures and stricter regulatory requirements
  • Addressing anti counterfeiting regulations and their impact on production
  • Satisfying the 1st serialisation directive
  • Innovation in total cost reduction vis-a-vis health care reform and the financial crisis
  • Implementing continuous manufacturing technology throughout operations
  • Making effective decisions on where to manufacture new products

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