Thank you to everyone who made WDM Summit 2014 a successful and valuable event. See you next year!

Find the tools to overcome the biggest threats facing pharma manufacturers today:

The World Drug Manufacturing Summit exists to help the pharmaceutical industry move past the most imposing barriers to progress. In an environment of increased competition from generics, the end of the Blockbuster Era and the growth in biotech there is plenty to talk about.


Built from the latest industry case studies, the programme will give you the practical means to improve each stage of the manufacturing process so you can outrun these concerns.


Attend and understand the strategic requirements necessary for you to excel in both people and process improvement. Multiple streams cover manufacturing,engineering, supply chain and regulatory demands giving you and your team the complete picture of contemporary best practice.


Connect during 5 hours of networking sessions:

Roundtable DiscussionsDelegate-Delegate Networking and Delegate-Supplier meetings allow you to explore commons problems together. Collaborate, share experiences and find solutions

A great opportunity to discuss industry issues and share some best practices — Associate Director Operational Excellence , Genentech

I got much more than expected of the event! — Industrialisation Manager, Orion Corporation

Excellent forum for exchanging experiences from colleagues in other pharmaceutical companies, intimate nature and smaller size of conference as well as SpotMe Electronics provides an excellent platform for promoting interaction with vendors and colleagues — Section Manager, Plant Engineering, Abbott Laboratories