Achieve manufacturing excellence, optimise processes and reduce costs… How?

Learn from 3 Shingo Prize winners:



Benchmark your approaches with 4 streams of content:


1. Process & Performance Improvement
with case studies from AstraZeneca, Amgen, Baxter and Novo Nordisk

2. Engineering, Facilities & Technology
discover what GSK and Xellia have been working on  

3. Supply Chain Integration

- hear from Bayer, Abbott and HP

4. Regulatory Compliance
learn how Eli Lilly and Novartis have been overcoming their regulatory hurdles


Connect during 5 hours of networking sessions:



A great opportunity to discuss industry issues and share some best practices — Associate Director Operational Excellence , Genentech

I got much more than expected of the event! — Industrialisation Manager, Orion Corporation

Excellent forum for exchanging experiences from colleagues in other pharmaceutical companies, intimate nature and smaller size of conference as well as SpotMe Electronics provides an excellent platform for promoting interaction with vendors and colleagues — Section Manager, Plant Engineering, Abbott Laboratories